121010 Donghae Twitter Update: Please vote for Super Junior~

@donghae861015 : Super Junior to be the ‘BEST ASIA ACT’~!! Super Junior fans, please vote for Super Junior~ Hope we can see you in Frankfurt!!! 🙂 http://asia.mtvema.com/artists/super-junior

@donghae861015 : 歌迷朋友们~在Best Asia Act上多多投 票给Super Junior!! 我们希望在法兰克福的舞台上跟大家見面 哟~ http://asia.mtvema.com/artists/super-junior …

[TRANS @donghae861015] To all the fans~Please vote for Super Junior for Best Asia Act!! We hope to meet everyone at the Frankfurt’s stage~ http://asia.mtvema.com/artists/super-junior …

Chinese Translation by karen10955 (http://worldwideelfs.com)
Take out with full and proper credits. Thanks!


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