[6JIB PROJECT – PART 1] Return of the Kings by ELF_thoughts (in 8 languages)

If you don’t want to read in English, here are alternatives:
Japanese —- Portuguese —- Chinese —- Spanish —- Russian —- Bahasa —- French —- Vietnamese

Want to show the boys your love for 6Jib? Here is a project that all ELF around the world are able to join, as long as you guy 6jib, so please read carefully
Who?: If you buy Super Junior’s 6th album and you are an ELF, you can join!
What?: Send in a short video clip (no more than 5 seconds) of you or a group of friends, with Super Junior’s 6th album!!
How?: Create a 5 second video clip

Don’t just stand/sit there in your clip!
Here are some ideas:
Jump out from behind a tree ★ Dance with it ★ Do a pose with it ★ Film yourself showing it to someone ★ Hold it in front of a Super Junior poster

• ELF who join as a group will get priority in the video. Get your friends to buy 6th album too!
• Any noise/talk in your clip will not be used in the final video
• Make sure the lighting and quality of video is good, at least 360p
• Doing it outside with nice landscape is more interesting
• The album MUST be visible in the video clip
• Super Junior should be entertained when looking at your clip, be unique
• You have a lot of time to receive your album if it’s being shipped, so don’t worry!

Submit any time after you receive your 6jib by following these steps:
1. Upload your 5 second video clip to YouTube

2. Send the video link via e-mail to the following:

ELF America: americanelfs@gmail.com
ELF Canada: berryblossom@hotmail.com
ELF Malaysia: 6projectmalay@gmail.com
ELF Singapore: 6jibprojectSG@gmail.com
ELF European: 6projecteuro@gmail.com
ELF Japan: 6jibprojectJPN@gmail.com
ELF Indonesia: mitewsss@ymail.com
ELF Vietnam: Kimeunjin.suju@gmail.com
ELF Latinoamérica: mxclouds@gmail.com
ELF Brazil: jewelsbrazil@gmail.com
ELF worldwide: 6projectworld@gmail.com
Russian ELF: sjru6thalbum@yahoo.com
ELF China, Taiwan, Hong Kong: 6jibprojectCN@gmail.com

3. Subject: Super Junior 6jib project video

IMPORTANT: Please include city & country in the e-mail
Deadline: August 25.
May be extended depending on when Leeteuk goes to the army.


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