120618 Siwon introduces his… son?


Choi Siwon of Super Junior just posted a photo on Twitter introducing his son, immediately drawing attention from the singer’s fans worldwide immediately.

“Introducing my son, aigoo, the road ahead of him is dark,” Siwon introduced in the caption. As you can see below, the photo is none other than a Photoshopped polaroid of Eunhyuk on a baby’s body.

Upon seeing the hilarious photo and Siwon’s pessimism, Eunhyuk tweeted back in protest, “This guy has a bright future!“

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120617 Disney Latin American show “Violetta” plagiarizes Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”?

The Disney Latin American show “Violetta” is receiving a lot of attention for one of it’s musical segments.

The main chords of a song performed by Jorge Blanco (León) through “Violetta” earlier in the month sounds eerily familiar to the chorus of Super Junior‘s 2009 hit single, “Sorry Sorry“.

The segment in question was uploaded through Disney Latino América’s official YouTube channel and has already received over 250,000 views. Many people have left comments in Spanish stating how the song is copying “Sorry Sorry”.

You can check out both songs below and make your own judgement.

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120617 Super Junior’s Ryeowook + Younha perform on ‘Immortal Song 2′

Super Junior‘s Ryeowook displayed his singing talent for June 16th broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s‘Immortal Song 2′. The contestants on this episode paid tribute to Yang Hee Eun, the godmother of Korean female folk music.

Following behind the footsteps of fellow Super Junior members Yesung and Kyuhyun, who have previously performed on KBS‘s ‘Immortal Song: Legendary Folktale Songs’, Ryeowook sang a cover of Yang Hee Eun‘s “White Magnolia” for the popular show.

Before performing, Ryeowook calmly explained to the audience, “[Because] I personally like Yang Hee Eun sunbae-nim’s song, I will deliver my own version of it.“ He proceeded to then display a singing ability that seemed more remarkable than what he has shown through previous idol activities. The audience members as well as fellow singers listening in the waiting room were reported to be shocked with his great performance.

Additionally, singer Younha who is set to release her fourth album ‘SUPERSONIC‘ on June 28th also made a special guest appearance on the show. She performed “Follow Your Dreams” while also playing the guitar.

Hong Kyung Min won on this episode with 390 votes compared to Sonya’s 386.

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120617 Leeteuk removes his shirt for Kang Sora on ‘We Got Married’

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk showcased some of his hidden muscles.

On the June 16th broadcast of MBC TV‘s ‘We Got Married‘, the Leeteuk-Kang Sora couple reunited at their newlywed home for the first time in four months.

To overcome the slightly awkward tension, the two began to catch up when Kang Sora noticed something different about her on-air husband.

Have you been working out?” she asked him, and Leeteuk who looked embarrassed suddenly took his shirt off for Sora, revealing his surprisingly chiseled body.

Kang Sora then praised his hard work, remarking that she thought his buff body juxtaposing his baby face was quite appealing.

The two then decided to learn ‘dance sports’, where Leeteuk blushed upon laying eyes on Kang Sora dressed in an outfit which displayed her long, shapely legs.

Check out the cut below!

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120618 Sungmin hints at Super Junior’s sixth comeback

Fans have been buzzing about Super Junior‘s return for a while now, and with Sungmin‘s latest blog post, it looks like the young men have begun gearing up for the July comeback!

The message that has fans stirring is quoted below –

At last, Super Junior 6jib teaser..!!

not a lot of time left..
when can we perform..
I want to do it sooner..

Fans have flooded the post with questions and comments, vocally wondering if this means that Super Junior has begun filming for the upcoming MV. Others have noted that the members have begun undergoing hairstyle changes, with Sungmin going ahead with the platinum blondeYesung becoming a redhead, Shindong going auburn, and Kyuhyun getting a new ‘do.

Everything is still under the wraps, so we won’t know for certain until SM Entertainment releases more information. Keep tuning into allkpop until then!

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