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[NEWS] 120501 SHINee’s Minho selects Super Junior’s Eunhyuk as his stingiest senior


SHINee‘s Minho selected Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk as the label mate who never buys him food.

At the ‘I AM‘ Showcase held in Seoul on April 30th, Minho was asked which hyung is most uptight with their money, never treating him to a meal.

Minho answered, “In the case of my Super Junior and TVXQ seniors, there are hyungs that I am close with and hyungs that I am less close with. But there is always that hyung that never buys me food, despite us being really close.”

When asked who in particular he was referring to, Minho continued, “Well he’s seated in the very first row, and his hairstyle stands out amongst the rest. He is also wearing something on his face, and kind of looks like a monkey.”

By this time, everyone figured it was Eunhyuk, and Minho continued to say, “I’m younger so of course I could first ask him to buy me dinner, but as a hyung, he’s never once made an offer.”

Eunhyuk then defended himself by hilariously saying, “You know, I am his hyung, but there are people you want to buy food for and people you don’t really want to buy food for. Minho is taller than I am, and he appears to eat better than I do. He eats well without me having to buy him anything,” which caused everyone to burst into laughter.

When asked who he likes to buy food for, Eunhyuk answered, “I buy myself a lot of things. I properly manage my own self,” continuing the laughs on set.”

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{News/Video} Super Junior’s Kim Kibum teaser for upcoming drama ‘I Love Italy’ revealed

tvN‘s upcoming drama ‘I Love Italy‘ will air it’s first episode on May 28th and a teaser featuring Super Junior‘s Kim Kibum has been revealed.

‘I Love Italy’ is about a 14 year old boy, Geum Eun Dong, who suddenly transforms into the body of a 25 year old. The fantasy romance recounts the story of Geum Eun Dong falling in love with the charming heiress, Lee Tae Ri (Italy). Park Ye Jin and Super Junior‘s Kim Kibum will be the main leads of the drama. The screenwriter of ‘Style‘, Moon Ji Young, and director of ‘Shinsukki Blues‘, Kim Do Hyuk, will be in charge of producing the drama.

Check out the teaser below!

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[NEWS] 120430 Super Junior successfully wraps up their concert in Indonesia

Group Super Junior successfully wrapped up their ‘Super Show 4′ in Indonesia!

The ‘Super Junior World Tour [SUPER SHOW 4] in Jakarta‘ was held from the 27th to the 29th for three days at the ‘Mata Elang International Stadium’ and gathered 25,000 fans.

This being Super Junior’s first solo concert in Indonesia, the event garnered much excitement as soon as it was announced. When tickets went on sale on the 7th, thousands of fans gathered outside of the ticket office, causing traffic issues. There were also fans who fainted from heat exhaustion while waiting out in the sun for such a long time.

From the fans’ consistent request, an extra day was added to the concert as well. Super Junior became the first international group to perform three sold-out concerts in Indonesia.

When Super Junior arrived at the Sukarno Hatta airport on the 26th, thousands of fans gathered to greet the members, paralyzing the airport. Also, during the interview for their concert, many of the press such as Trans TVSCTV, and Gaul arrived reminding people of Super Junior’s global popularity.

For this concert, Super Junior performed their hit songs such as “Sorry Sorry“, “Bonamana“, and “Mr. Simple” along with individual performances from each member and special stages put on by the group. Rookie group EXO-M made a guest appearance, performing “MAMA” and “History” as well.

The Indonesian ELF displayed a lot of enthusiasm as they sang along to every song while waving blue glow lights. The fans also put on their own surprise event, creating messages such as “ELF♥SJ FOREVER“.

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