[News] Super Show 4 Indonesia Details

  • The tickets will be sell to public on April 7th, 2012 at Twin Plaza Hotel, Slipi, Jakarta, Indonesia. One-day selling tickets
  • The public sales will be opened in two stages as follows:

– Public sales for the FIRST SHOW (April 28th, 2012) will start at 8AM on ward.
– Public sales for the SECOND SHOW (April 29th, 2012) will start at 1.30PM on ward. #SS4INA

  • The tickets will be categorized into 5 types and prices.

1. Super Box and Super Fest (Free Standing) – IDR 1.700.000 (USD 180)
2. Junior VIP Seat (Numbered Seating) – IDR 1.400.000 (USD 150)
3. Super VIP Seat (Numbered Seating) – IDR 2.000.000 (USD 212)
4. Super Sky Seat (Numbered Seating) – IDR 1.000.000 (USD 106)
5. Junior Sky Seat (Free Seating) – IDR 500.000 (USD 53)

  • Tickets will be capped at a Maximum of 4 tickets per person in order to ensure a fair selling method for all fans
  • The Promotor also allocates number of tickets to be distributed to the fans outside Jabodetabek through @sujunesia and @TwELFs
  • Special Guest Star for #SS4INA ! EXO M will be the Guest Star for Super Show 4 Live in Jakarta.

source : showmaxxent


[Project] Super Show 4 Indonesia “One Love”


As we know, Super Show 4 Indonesia is now confirmed to be held on April 28-29th.

ELF INA United (@ELF_INAunited) represents all fanbases who joined with us, had planned a project which hopefully to be implemented by all ELF who will attend the show.

There will be only 1–or maximal 2–projects that we are trying to do for the ‘global’ project (not a per-member-solo-project). Therefore, we need your help from various parties and INA ELF as well.

Currently, we’ll announce only 1 project. (Because the other one is tentative or might be canceled due to many other factors.)


“ONE LOVE” hand banner* will be distributed to all ELF who attend the show (planned to be given to ALL AREA) and will be lifted up during “Our Love”  on FIRST DAY (28 April 2012). (Idea credit to @SJnELF)

* there will be no water mark on our hand banner .. this is just a picture ^-^


We need more fund to cover around 10.000 banners for all ELF in one day show. Therefore, we strongly expect your donation support to bring this project into reality. We didn’t specify the minimal amount of donations, so you can donate as much as you want.

The donation can be transferred to:

Bank BCA
No. rekening : 8830-8090-83
a/n : natalia

Bank BNI
No. rekening : 0146818442
a/n : Isaura Primala

Bank Mandiri
No rekening : 132-00-1168388-6
a/n : Nabila Indah S

After transfer, please confirm us by sending this following data to elfina.united@gmail.com :


Bank Account owner:
Amount of donation:
Date/time of transaction:
Transferred from (name of bank you used to transfer):

(p.s. Please fill up the data completely and double checked before you send it to us)

thank you

[NEWS] 120317 Super Junior’s Donghae overcomes his poor dating skills

Recently, Super Junior’s Donghae has surprised his fans by showing some improvement in his dating skills since he was so poor at it on his first date with Son Eun Seo.

In the episode ofMBC’s We Got Married Season 3 which aired on March 10, Donghae became center of attention as he showed clumsiness at dating, not even being able to make an eye contact with Son and asking boring questions like “What color do you like?” As he kept on making random comments and exposing his poor dating skills, he was dubbed the shyest guy in Korea.

However, as he often goes on double dating with the couple Leeteuk and Kang Sora, Donghae slowly gains confidence. He appeals some masculine characteristics by feeding Son some churros and holding her hand first. When Son gives him a lip balm as a gift, he put some on her lips himself, appealing a caring image.

Moreover, when Donghae gets to drive a car and move to a different setting, he politely opens the door and tightens a seatbelt for her. His improvements in dating surely transform him into a well-mannered guy.

You can check out Donghae’s changed image from the shyest guy in Korea to a well-mannered gentleman on March 17 on MBC.

cr: TVReport via: korea.com