111115 How to send a LETTER TO SUPER JUNIOR

NO LONGER WORKS. Flitto changed the format of their site so this will no longer work. If you would like to send a letter to Leeteuk before he goes to the army, please visit this post ^^.



Very special thanks to @Kpop_Flitto – they are how we can send letters to Super Junior!
Credits to them for this article.

You need an account to send a letter to Super Junior.

1) Go to http://flitto.com

2) On the right hand side, click Sign In, Sign Up

-Enter your info in the boxes.

(Full Name can be username, but if you put your username, Super Junior will read your username, not your real name.)
(Nationality = what country / nation you live in)
(Mother Tongue = first language / most fluent language)

3) Click OK to submit.

4) Go here http://www.flitto.com/SuperJunior_letter to send SJ a letter.

If you want to other k-pop stars, go to this link and press the letter icon next to the k-pop star’s name. http://flitto.com/tweets

5) Scroll down and click Write.

6) Title your letter, choose the language your letter is in (if I write my letter in English, I choose English)
~ write your message.

7) After you are done with your message, click Write on the bottom to submit your letter.
(you may also check the box next to Notification to be notified about your letter)


How can you trust flitto?

On September, 1,500 fans sent

letters to Heechul who was in a military camp through

http://www.flitto.com. 1,200 letters were translated by other fans

into perfect Korean and Heechul read all of them. Heechul was so

happy about this.

How letters were sent to Heechul (the letters were sent through flitto.com!)


Shared by @sapphir3bluu


13 thoughts on “111115 How to send a LETTER TO SUPER JUNIOR

  1. hi i am candace karvas of hawaii. I am a big fan of you guys and especially of siwon. You were great in oh my lady. I searched hundreds of websites to find a way to write to you. This is the closes i can since i can’t go on twitter and the other sites. Will there ever be a season 2? please respond from the bottom of my heart please . and keep singing super junior you guys are the best.


  2. I went on the website, and signed up, but I can’t find the “Write” button. Can anyone help me?

  3. Go to the very bottom of the page, then there’s a search box there and on the upper right corner of that search box it say write 🙂

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