Fluent in Chinese AND English,

If you are familiar with weibo, that’s good.

If you are familiar with how things work in the chinese fandom, even better.


if you are interested in becoming an admin for our weibo account, please fill in the form below and send it to 277671211@qq.com


1. Introduce yourself in Chinese and translate it into English.

2. Where are you from? Where are you now?

3. How old are you?

4. How many hours can you spend online everyday?

5. When are you usually online?

6. Weibo/Twitter account: [if you have one]

7. Translate this into English:


[try and translate the names as well><.]

8. What do you know about the chinese fandom?

[you can include what you think might be sensitive topics, some chinese internet language, etc]

9. What are your thoughts on Only13, Henmi, and Hangeng?

10. What do you know about crediting?



  1. 你好, 我的名字叫蔡安琪, 今年我十六岁。 我住在西海岸(加洲),我在读高中第三年。我的爱好是听super junior的音乐和查看他们的资料。
    Hello, my name is Angie Cai, I am sixteen years old. I live at the West Coast(California), and I am currently studying at a high school as a junior. My hobbies are listening to music by Super Junior and surfing on the web for their biographies an updates.

    16 岁

    沈阳市,辽宁省, 中国

    From 4:00pm-12:00am (west coast time)
    I am usually online at those times

    Although Donghae’s love letter was very touchy and emotional, and although it did touch the heart of (xx), it did not pursue her to set her mind on donghae. (xx) chose(dd) at the end, and that was surprising to everyone.

    My weibo account is: superjuniorelf16
    On Donghae

  2. Hi, I am very interested in becoming an admin and i have a few queries to clarify. May I know how many new admins will be selected? If the new admin has been chosen, roughly when will she/he need to begin her/his duty as an admin? As I’m currently in the midst of preparing for my A Levels ( an national exam similar to China’s high school graduating examinations), I’m afraid that i can dedicate fully as an admin until my examinations are over, which will only end in late November.

    • Hi^^
      well there isn’t a fixed number of admins we hire because we don’t receive a lot of applications, so we just accept the ones that we find are suitable, but to give you an idea, since I started WWE’s weibo back in 2011, I’ve only hired two other admins, only one of which is still active now.

      the procedure of applying is simple really, we look at your application, if we think that you are suitable, we take you in on a 2 week trial run. I will explain anything you don’t understand, and then you just post updates really and we’ll be there to guide you along. If you don’t make any serious mistakes and you remember what we tell you, we’ll take you in as an official staff after the 2 weeks^^

      now for your case, I think you could just fill in the form now, if we agree to take you on the trial run based on your answers, you can start your trial run after your A levels are over ^^

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