What is UFOtown?

I saw some of People asked us about UFO town .so i did some caps (thanks God i still remember this ID and pw kkk)
Well . NOT just Super junior have UFOtown acc here, but also the other groups like : Shinee, SNSD, U kiss, Boa, MBLAQ etc .. you can see all list who have UFOtown here:

Each grups/singer has their own number .. (you just can “text” them if you are korean or live in korea, cause this is korean site and u need a korean number phone. China also have the UFOtown for china version). If you want to register this site, they also asked your personal identification number (each korean has their own Personal Identification Number if theyย  already have an ID or identitiy card).

When i said “text” i didnt mean it same like you texting to your friend to your friend’s number.ย  ^-^

If you have this account, you also can texting your idol from this site, but you have to buy some credits first.

UFOtown is a site that can help connected you with ur idols. but .. for those foreigners who cant access or cant use this site, you can use twitter,, and twitter is free , right ^-^
They also dont reply all “received text” … cause i bet they had received tons of message. kkkk ^^

wish this explanation can help you know .. what is UFO town. ^^

NOTE : i used “texting” and “received message” words, but it doesnt mean you are texting to their personal phone .. all of them maybe have an account too.. and they can reply it there.. ^-^

By: Worldwideelfs.wordpress.com
shared: chulchuchul@worldwideelfs.wordpress.com
take with full credits!


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