SORIBADA OFFICIAL INFO – which sites count, how to make it count, about soribada’s chart

READ EVERYTHING!!! Don’t skim! New info included too!

This is info about SORIBADA not Melon, Naver, or whatever else Korean music site…

Downloading and streaming at Soribada’s KOREAN SITE ( COUNTS for music show charts/rankings. Trial listening does not count!

ONLY downloading at Soribada’s ENGLISH SITE counts for music show charts. Trial listening at Soribada’s ENGLISH SITE ( does NOT count…

Downloading means purchasing songs with a credit card…
Trial listening means listening to those 1 minute previews of songs..

Streaming means listening to the full song..


FULL SONG STREAMING – we cannot do

*Full song streaming only applies to Soribada’s Korean site.

Soribada stated that you need a music card to do full song streaming. (Sorry I don’t know how it works because I never bought the music card. So I can’t post instructions.) A few weeks ago, you could still purchase one, but now they are having license issues and you cannot get a music card. The full song streaming does not matter anymore (at the moment) to help SJ.



Since it is easiest to purchase music from Soribada’s English site ( AND foreigners are not allowed to buy on their Korean site, here is how:

1 – Create an account here (it’s in English):

2 – Then you must purchase a download pass. Read this site carefully about the download pass. They provide the links on how to purchase the pass. You must use a credit card from this point.

The first time you buy the download pass will let you have 10 free song downloads during your 7-day period. These 10 free song downloads still count for music charts only if you download the songs during the next 7 days. 

3 – Now to purchase the 5th album! Here is the link to the album:

Then to download the album, click the boxes next to the song titles like “Mr. Simple”, “Opera”, etc. and then click “Download” which is located next to “Add to Cart”. If you don’t want to buy all the songs, you can pick which songs you want, but buying their song “Mr. Simple” is the best way to help SuJu win music shows like Inkigayo and Music Bank ^^

NOTE: Repeated downloads on an account only counts as one. This means… if you buy the same song twice, it will only count for one download. It’s the same for if you buy the same song three, four, or 100000 more times. Soribada only counts your first song download. Don’t waste your time and money downloading the same song over again.

[More info] Soribada tracks your credit card. This means… if you download songs from Soribada’s English site (using a credit card or the free 10 song downloads) and then delete your account and make a new account with the same credit card and download Mr. Simple again, your download will not count. You have to use a different credit card. 


More important facts:

1 – No foreigners can purchase music on Soribada’s Korean site.

(It doesn’t really matter anyway since there’s an English site to purchase from.)

2 – If you buy a download pass, it can only be used on one account.

3 – Buying songs from Soribada (both English and Korean site) count for SBS Inkigayo, Mnet Countdown, and KBS Music Bank.

4 – If you post a comment, it will NOT deduct 1000 points. It’s a rumor!

So now that you know this info, this is a good way to help SJ with their digital sales since they are extremely BAD. This is one of the only (or probably the only way) for non-Korean ELFs to help SuJu in their digital sales. Please support Super Junior! Thanks!


The chart at is same as ONE DAY BEFORE chart at due to the time difference, and your downloads at will also counted for the chart at

Soribada streaming service of is for assisting users to select musics and download them, so it is only one-minute-long. So again, one-minute trial listening for both the Korean and English site will not be counted to the chart.

Credits :
Please take with full credits! Thanks!

All info stated here was gathered from Soribada’s official twitter @soribada
and their soribada chart site
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33 thoughts on “SORIBADA OFFICIAL INFO – which sites count, how to make it count, about soribada’s chart

  1. just a question ..i see that u provide guide on purchasing thru soribada ENGLISH site ..but i saw somewhere that stated download from soribada english site wont be counted T.T

  2. I’m sorry but something makes me confused :\

    “Downloading and trial listening at Soribada’s KOREAN SITE ( COUNTS for music show rankings and end of the year awards (for example, GDA).”

    but, on @soribada’s twitter:

  3. Hi, you mentioned that ‘repeated downloads on ONE account will not count. Use another account and it will’.

    Does that mean that if you want to listen to the song 200 times, you need to create 200 accounts and listen to the song on each of the 200 accounts to make it count?

      • Yes I know, i’m talking about purchasing too but I plan to do create one account, buy a plan and spend however much I’ve bought just downloading the songs every day to increase digital sales.

        But what ur saying that since I’ll be using the same account to download the songs everyday, only the first time I download would be counted on the charts. Is that correct?

        (sorry, for all the qns, I’m just confused here) ><

  4. Hye, thank you for providing us the tutorial on how to legally download Mr. Simple, but will it be better if you take down the auto-play of Mr. Simple on this site too? People who want to listen can preview it legally and then buy from Soribada/iTunes/MNet/Naver to help the boys. Songs that auto-play can easily be ripped for download using available Firefox add-ons.

  5. hi,
    like jackie, i wanted to purchase the 150 songs plan from soribada n dl the songs 150 times. so can i confirm that this will not work? only my first album purchase will be counted on the charts? many tks

    • don’t download the same song over again because no matter how many times you download it, it only counts as one download to music charts.

      so…if you download tracks 1 through 13. you have just downloaded 13 songs. then..if you go and download the entire album again, you just wasted your time and money because soribada only counts your first download of a song. does this answer your question?

    • That link u gave me is about the music card. I wrote in this post that no one can buy a music card anymore so ignore that site. Our info is from soribada. We contacted them to get official info. Only foreigners can buy from Soribada’s English site.

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