[NEWS] 120511 Busker Busker’s Kim Hyung Tae gifts Shindong with a drawing

Super Junior‘s Shindong revealed a gift he received from Busker Busker‘s Kim Hyung Tae.

Shindong posted the above photo (left) on his me2day May 10th and wrote, “Busker Busker’s Hyung Tae drew me this… That gaze seems to be longing for something.  It looks a bit like Hyung Tae I think T_T am I wrong?”

The drawing was simply an outline of a man with permed hair, and the Busker Busker member’s signature took up much of the space on the left.

Fans seemed to be split on whether or not it really resembled Shindong. “I’m guessing those letters that say ‘Kim Hyung Tae’ is his signature,” they wrote, along with “Kim Hyung Tae who drew Shindong, and Shindong who shared it are both so cute,” “It doesn’t look like Shindong though,” and ”It really looks like Shindong. His drawing skills are awesome.”

Do you think it looks like Shindong or does it resemble Kim Hyung Tae more? Voice your thoughts below!

Source + Photo: Shindong’s me2day}
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[NEWS] 120225 Super Junior’s Shin Dong and Sung Min donate blood


Super Junior‘s Shin Dong and Sung Min recently displayed their good deed of donating blood.

Shin Dong posted a photo of him and Sung Min on his me2day stating, “As blood donation advertisors, we command you!! Donate blood!! hehe.” In the photo both boys are smiling at the camera with red crosses on their cheeks, showing that they have already made their donations.

Netizens commented with, “Wow~ you two did it so I should donate blood as well!“, “I will do it for sure~“, and “I just donated today!”

Source + image via Shindong’s me2day via allkpop

[NEWS] 120204 Kyuhyun’s father opens a Korean language academy in Taiwan

On February 4th, Kyuhyun‘s father held a grand opening for his Korean language academy in Taiwan.

Kyuhyun’s fellow Super Junior mate, Shindong, posted a photo from the event onto his me2day.“February 4th, the opening day of Kyuhyun’s father’s Korean language academy (What kind of academy is this, it’s so nice!! In addition, there are broadcasters and reporters, daebak)!! Couldn’t even catch 1/10 of the scene! Kyuhyun, congrats! Hope you’ll experience daebak~~!”

True to Shindong’s words, a huge crowd of people can be seen surrounding the academy’s entrance, with media outlets competing for the best shots and angles. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and this photo alone certainly proves the immense popularity of Super Junior in Taiwan.

Netizens commented, “Kyuhyun oppa daebak~ Thrive!!”, “This is almost like a fan signing event…!”, “I want to attend this academy!”

Source + Photo: Shindong’s me2day via allkpop

[NEWS] 120127 Shindong and MC Boom hit the slopes


Super Junior‘s Shindong and MC Boom hit the powder with their skis recently. Apparently, the two funny guys are good friends outside of their appearances on television programs.

Shindong posted on his me2day, “With Boom hyung, lightning fast skiing. Fun times! I’m on a board, Boom hyung’s on skis. You all should ski as well!”

Fans expressed their envy with comments like, “Lucky. I want to go to a ski resort,” “It would be so fun to hang out with both of you!,” and “Don’t crack jokes while you’re skiing! Pay attention!”

Source + Photo: Shindong’s me2day via allkpop

[NEWS] 120113 Shindong goes camera crazy with Super Junior’s GDA trophies

Shindong is absolutely ecstatic over Super Junior‘s multiple wins at the 26th Golden Disk Awards.

In fact, the singer even went a little overboard recently by taking nine photos of himself holding the trophies. On January 12th, Shindong wrote on his me2day, “Four Golden Disk Awards and even the Daesang… Thank you to everyone who congratulated us via SNS. I am sorry that I cannot respond to each and every one of you personally … Instead, I give you this picture haha! I’m in an awesome mood!!!!!”

Proud fans poured in their compliments and congratulations as they wrote, “Super Junior, the last man standing!“, “Take as many pictures as you want, oppa. In fact, take more! kekeke“, and “What a great start for 2012!

Source & Image: Shindong’s me2day via allkpop

[NEWS] 120105 Shindong declares himself to be the “eyeliner prince”


Super Junior‘s Shindong is back with yet another hilarious Photoshopped image!

This photo appeared on his me2day with the description, “I am the eyeliner prince!”

The tongue-in-cheek wisecrack refers to the black paint Shindong liberally dabbed on his eyes. In fact, instead of looking like a prince, the idol ends up looking like some sort of crazy sea captain, thanks to his white cap and painted-on beard.

Netizens commented, “Oppa this is too much!“, and “This is more like dark circles!”

Source + Image: Shindong’s me2day via allkpop

[NEWS] 111215 Super Junior’s Shindong hijacks Jay Park’s abs

It looks like Super Junior‘s Shindong gained some miraculous results from his diet. …Or did he?

On December 15th, the multi-talented idol shared a photo on his me2day along with the caption, ”Is it finally time to reveal my muscles….? kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke Sorry Jay, I used your body kekekeke.”

Hilariously, Shindong cropped his face onto Jay Park’s body and blended the layers so perfectly that many fans believed that it was the real thing.

Netizens commented, “Unbelievable“, “You almost made me order a copy of GQ…….“, and “Seriously, is there anything you can’t do? hahaha

Source & Image : Shindong’s me2day via allkpop
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[NEWS] 111211 Shinding snaps a photo of the blue ELF sea in Osaka


On December 10th, Super Junior held the first of their Japanese ‘Super Show 4‘ concerts in Osaka. The news that every seat had sold out was visualized in Shindong‘s impressive photo of the blue ELF ocean taking over the Kyocera Dome.

The idol wrote, “2011.12.10 Osaka Super Show 4 Daebak!! 40,000 ELFs~ Daebak really!! You really have to see this epicness with your own eyes. My eyes were teary when I first went on stage TT_TT”.

Fans congratulated the idol and his groupmates for their successful concert. “Holy Crap! ELF Daebak!“, “Congratulations! You worked so hard“, and “Wow~ that looks amazing *o*“.

Check out a few audio clips from the concert below!

Source + Photos: Shindong’s me2day via allkpop
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Super Junior’s Shindong thanks fans for a successful show

After successfully completing the Super Show 4 concert in Seoul, Super Junior‘s Shindong left a message thanking his fans for a great night.

Through his me2day, he uploaded a selca along with the post, “Start of Super Show 4!! We successfully completed the Seoul performance!!^^ Thanks to everyone who came to see the concert!! Also, to the Shin’s family who helped create my solo stage, you did great work!! keke! Took a picture with Jjaboo after waking up in the morning!!^^”

In the uploaded picture, Shindong clearly looks as if he had just woken up, with his hair un-brushed and his face unshaven. Fans, in particular, appreciated his all-natural look and complimented him for his hard work during the show.

They stated, “Shindong oppa, you did a great job! Your stage was really impressive”, “Shindong oopa, you really are the best!! After seeing you on stage, I fell for you again!!”, and “You must really be tired~ Super Junior is the best!”

Source + Image: Shindong’s me2day via allkpop
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