140827 Henry, splendidly achieves 3 crowns in Hong Kong Music Awards.. Dominates Hong Kong too


Singer Henry won 3 crowns in Hong Kong ‘Metro Radio Mandarin Hits Music Awards 2014’.

Henry who was visiting Hong Kong for his 2nd solo album ‘Fantastic’ promotion on last 26th, 7:20 pm (local time), participated in ‘Metro Radio Mandarin Hits Music Awards 2014’ held at Convention & Exhibition Center, Hong Kong. He proved his explosive popularity in Hong Kong by winning 3 crowns such as ‘Best Popular Idol Award’, ‘Best Male Dance Artist Award’, and ‘Song of the Year’ with SJM.

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140730 Super Junior-M’s Henry Diets by Doing Hot Yoga with Ajummas

Super Junior-M’s Henry confessed that he does hot yoga.

During July 29’s broadcast of SBS’s Magic Eye, Henry said, “I take care of my body. I have to diet since I’m a celebrity.”

Henry then got up to show his t-shirt, which was held tight in the back with a safety pin. Hong Seok Cheon then commented, “You have such a firm back.”


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140725 Fantastic 3 Henry! Musician VS Entertainer VS SuperJunior-M

Henry, who has comeback with new album ‘Fantastic’ and performing actively~!!
We will meet 1-person-3-color profile of Henry, who is getting infinite love from fans for his violin performance of ‘Fantastic’ on music program stage as a musician which outstands, 4th dimension rising entertainment star in entertainment program, and being the cute youngest among SuperJunior-M~!!
First, we will start with musician Henry’s profile~!!
[Musician Henry’s Profile]
- Name: Henry
– Personal skill: Performing by playing the violin, trying instruments at least once (!!)
– Instrument that I want to try: Korean instruments such as Gayageum and Haegeum!
– Masterpiece of music: ‘Trap’! ‘Fantastic’ now! (Please love ‘Fantastic’ a lot♥)
– Favorite Song in new album: ‘You’! I don’t like to listen to self-composed song since it is embarrassing, but I feel like to keep on listening to this song.

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