[VID] 140409 Show Champion – #SuperJuniorM Interview with MC Kangin + #SWING performance (Eng subs)

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140402 “It is unfamiliar, right? This is us”…SuperJunior-M, Super waiting room


♪ Hey, Mr.! The time is here. Wake up now Hey!

There is one man right here. He must have been really tired. He is sleeping while leaning on the chair. If he talked in his sleep, wouldn’t he probably shout like this.

“Private Henry”, “Private Henry”


We stepped closer and zoomed in. Even his nostrils are lovely. It is clearly heart-shaped. It is Henry for sure when we talk about ‘Heart nostrils’, right? Even when he closes his eyes, even when he is lying down, Henry is still Henry.

Wait, where is this place? This is the waiting room of Sangam-dong SBS-TV ‘Popular Music’. There was ‘SuperJunior-M’ pre-recording. The behind story of the performance of the new song ‘SWING’, we are here to swing~.


Henry is still asleep. Sungmin did not miss this moment. He approached closer while making his ‘Desert fox’ smile. He is a ‘Naughty boy’ for sure. He also took a look at the heart nostrils. He is playing around by putting his fingers inside the mouth.  Continue reading