[FAN ACC] From a PH ELF about what happened today in Philippines

Please understand that NOT ALL PHELF ARE NOT DISCIPLINED. Everything was really in order until one fan ruined it. Fans were so behaved until that one fan ran to the boys.

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED: There was an agreement between the fans (led by SJUPH CORE) and the staffs that the latter will let the boys get close to the fans as long as they behave. The boys would have wanted to thank the PhELF personally for the award that was given to them (The trophy of ALBUM OF THE YEAR which SJ won from KPOPCON last December 30,2011 was given earlier this day by the core of SJUPH.)

The fans were sitting quietly, waiting for the boys to come. But when the boys went near, a fan suddenly ran to the three and hugged Kyuhyun – leaving the three members shocked.

That’s when the commotion started because everybody was surprised too. Then the boys ran back to the bus.

It was an isolated case and not all fans there were like wild. After the boys went back to the bus, most fans were crying because they have just lost that one special chance because of the fail of some.

We are apologizing for whatever impression this incident has left. But please believe that the safety of Siwon, Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk were STILL the top most priority of MAJORITY of Philippine ELF.

Thank you!

cr: @62389_