[2010.12.03] Hangeng chosen as POP Magazine's No.1 Idol of the Year

(101203) POP Magazine — Idol of the Year
Most Popular! 2010 Top 50 Idols of the World

It took us three days to decide on the cover to include idols from the US/Europe area, Korea/Japan Area, Mainland China Area and Taiwan/Hong Kong Area. The following was chosen for the cover:

Justin Bieber for the US/Europe Area (T/N: explanation was not translated)

Han Geng was the obvious choice for the mainland China area. Although he might not have been in the best condition compared to the some others in groups, but 2010 was definitely Han Geng’s golden year. His popularity grew exponentially after going solo, successfully expanded from the music industry into the movie industry, whether it’s his endorsements, or his popularity, his concert, all of it confirmed his status in the industry.

Aaron Yan of Fahrenheit for the Taiwan/Hong Kong Area (T/N: explanation was not translated)
Toma Ikuta for the Japan Area (T/N: explanation was not translated)
Hero JaeJoong of TVXQ/JYJ for the Korean Area (T/N: explanation was not translated)

Number 1 Idol of the year – Han Geng
Reasons for choosing him:
Highly Topical: No one expected Han Geng to will file a lawsuit admist SJM promotions to start a long process in court, leaving the gold plated title of Super Junior’s Chinese member to go solo, returning more shining then ever after disappearing for three month. The plot goes up and down not unlike a big year-end production.

Highest Popularity: It might sound a little arrogant, but it goes without a doubt that Han Geng was the top idol of this year and will lead the race next year by a long distance. After filing the lawsuit this kid’s popularity got even higher. The clean lawsuit turned a vast amount of casual fans, passer-bys and non-fans into dedicated “contract termination fans”. Tickets for his first concert pre-album release were almost impossible to get. New album “Geng Xin” sold over 270,000 copies in less then a month and conservative estimation of the current sales figure exceeds 500,000. CCTV-MTV Most Poplar Mainland Male Singer of the Year of 2010, no matter where, there is no pressure about his popularity.

Healthy Image: Giving thank you speeches in Chinese even when working in a foreign country, using his skills to steadily take one step at a time a great role model after returning to China…… This is mainstream… mainstream, you understand?

International Focus: It’s extremely difficult for any mainland Chinese singers to compete with Han Geng in terms of international popularity. Fans in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the US don’t get too crazy. “Geng Xin” was sold in stores in France, was ranked first in Singapore for 4 weeks straight, was even out of stock in Australia… there are many talented individuals in the Chinese music industry, but to talented on top of having both within country popularity and international competitiveness, with both the looks and values befitting of the Chinese and the international view, able to sing dance and act, and have handsome looks, there’s probably only Han Geng. (We) should spend more effort to guide (him).

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‘The Three Musketeers’ Kyuhyun confesses: kiss scene with an actress? Fearing a big storm.

In the musical ‘The Three Musketeers’, Super Junior Kyuhyun plays D’Artagnan, a young man who leaves the countryside to become a musketeer of the royal household. On November 29, at the press concert for the open rehearsal of the musical, Kyuhyun stated “I have a kiss scene in this musical”. Then, he hinted at his mental worries over it and disclosed “I’m worried enough already.”

In fact, Kyuhyun will be acting out a kiss scene with singer Dana, as well as musical actress Kim Ahsun, who were both casted for the role of Constance. During the highlight of a performance which went on for 50 minutes, Kyuhyun sang while also acting out his kiss scene with Constance (Kim Ahsun) in the ‘Angel in my heart’ scene.

In regard to this, Kyuhyun laughed while explaining his trick “The production fears that if I were to be featured in a kiss scene the impact may be too big. I believe that in the future the kiss is ideally going to be hidden behind a hat or in some other way.” This conscious remark drew laughter from the fans, especially when actor Yoo Joonsang and gagman Kim Jinsoo added “We’re doing this to protect the actresses!”

Kyuhyun’s partner, Dana ㅡ who will be acting in a kiss scene with Kim Mooyeol, Won Kijoon, and TRAX Jay (casted as D’Artagnan) ㅡ revealed her plans “I will stay focused on being Constance when engaging in the kiss” and, apparently concerned with the fans, she said “It’s true that I’m especially worried about the scene with Kyuhyun. But I will still try my best for this kiss scene as well.”

On that day, Kyuhyun brilliantly showed his acting through a variety of scenes ㅡ such as an outstanding swordmanship performance during a fencing scene ㅡ and also worked in harmony with Kim Ahsun in his love scene.

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[101125] Hangeng’s Concept Book Creates Unrest; Creating the Official Exclusive Book

Photos: Hangeng’s Concept Book Creates Unrest; Creating the Official Exclusive Book



Winter Style

Sina Entertainment: In the year 2010, Ji Publishing Company happily announced plans to make a completely new “concept book” for Hangeng with all their strength. This time, the idea for the concept book is “Hangeng’s completely new concept book in 2010 = Hangeng’s official authorization + strictly following his exclusive orders + creating a team of professionals”.

In the following days, news of the king-level concept album was published little by little, and the entertainment circle was blown away by the “concept fashion wind”. More and more singers and producers supported the album’s creative idea and intended to transfer into the center of the album’s creative works; the phrase “concept” became a new model for fashion.

First, the whole journey only followed one beat; it recorded Hangeng in his truest state.
As the company’s published statement explains, it took almost a year to shoot all of the pictures in Hangeng’s concept book, using the pictures to record Hangeng bit by bit. The middle of the concept book includes exclusive pictures, and pictures from before the news [of the book] are included as well.

The year 2010 counts as Hangeng’s year. Besides holding a solo concert, publishing a completely new album, making commercials, acting in movies, and participating in all types of performances, Hangeng was honored as the most popular male artist at the 10th annual CCTV-MTV 2010 music awards ceremony. This year has great significance for Hangeng, who had just restarted his journey [as a solo artist].

How complete is the [photo] record at the end of the year?

The publisher says that this time’s concept book contains many exclusive pictures of Hangeng in the three months after his contract termination but before he returned in front of the media’s view. It also reveals where Hangeng was during other times where he was temporarily out of the public eye.

Second, Hangeng officially authorizes the publication of personal, private material for the first time.
Confronting the market full of rumors, this publication spared no expense in its 7-digit contract; in the end Hangeng’s 2010 concept book’s exclusive and official authorization is sure to make Hangeng Asia’s king of popularity. [The book] is also a completely new challenger to the publishing industry.

According to the description, in order to guarantee the quality of this photo book , [the publishing company] read that it specially assembled professionals in a team for about a year and was committed for the whole journey, using a different type of lens to record the variety of significant events that happened in a year.

Third, at the end of the production, the book is already hot.
For the sake of making the concept book in secret, this time the production of the book was completely closed. According to the publishing company staff very few people have seen a draft of the publication within the whole company. After November 16, when news of the concept book was released, there have been many types of reactions; the publisher’s blog and related forums have all received a great amount of attention from Hangeng’s fans.

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{News} Ryeowook reveals Donghae's room filled with Christmas decorations

The maknae of Super Junior just tweeted while ago with a picture that excites many.
Yes, he revealed part of Donghae’s room!
He tweeted:

The weather has been very cold >< Be careful nt to catch a cold!
http://twitpic.com/3ciz3d For Donghae-Hyung, it’s already Xmas~^^

Many fans commented, ‘ So this is how donghae’s room look like!’ and ‘ I will go and decorate my room now right away.’
It is really nice of him to reveal his hyung’s room to their fans, making them go squealing over the picture.

What do you think of the decoration? Hopefully it gives some inspiration to his fans for christmas decorations!

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